We Glory In What Is

The goal of walking the sands of time express themselves in everlasting waves of experience, driving forth the limitless adventures of “what is to come.” Coming and going, the ocean’s caress removes all vestiges of ourselves and looking down at the prints so newly washed away, we realize, “The Eternity of Bliss is found in this exact spot.” Coming and going, we neither come nor go, but merely move by apparitional volition.

Gazing across the unbroken surface of the ocean of existence, we come to relish Ourselves and find the true meaning of Faith. As the buffeting winds of changes move us along in time, we move not an inch. As the torrents of environment sway us to and fro, the Heart remains ever the same. Speaking to the Heavens, the world becomes filled with answers. Who will accept the fruits, so plentiful and so lovingly laid before us?

Opening the eyes of wonder, Heaven falls from the sky and lands on the Earth, making itself at home with ease. As the day begins anew, we glory in what Is.

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