Once upon a time there lived an excuse for a reason to live, and it's name came to be called 'cognition'.

Cognitions are a wonderful byproduct of spiritual development. Their function is to provide feedback as a result of a self-reorganization process. That process could be anything at all, but it's goal is almost always a 'cognition'.

That's not a bad thing.

But when the goal becomes the 'cognition' itself, then you can be assured that quality assurance has taken a back seat and is looking on helplessly and powerless to do anything about it.

Cognitions are not the goal of spiritual development. Spiritual development is. Actually, once the goal is overcome, then everything else is as well. :-)

On the road to self-awareness, don't forget to forget about cognitions. This is not to say that cognitions should be invalidated, quite the contrary. What must be accomplished when it comes to cognitions, is to never look forward to gaining more.

Believe me, you don't need them to be self-aware. After all, who is it that is giving them to you? :-)

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