You Can't Kid A Kidder

Holding and awaiting the time of yet to come, presence becomes lost in the vaporous engagement of now. Fleeting thoughts inquire as action unfolds to pave the way. Doors open and close fervently in the knowledge that the endless summer of our time is surely to come to pass. Above and beyond, the nights remain still and peaceful as evermore. Peace is our nature and remains ever pure.

Escaping the road to enlightenment, we seek. Upon our awakening we come to see no more and seek the threshold of our future life no more. Thoughtfully, thoughts become nonexistent as we are pulled through time unfettered with our images of other times and places. Beholding the magic of wonder, we come to a loss of words speaking of nothing with full knowledge and reality. We are what we are, never changing despite our own good intentions.

What joy we behold in gazing at ourselves. Unbroken and unwavering, the look creates our daydream and as we awake from our sleep, we stand and stretch, unfolding ourselves. Moving on is never even considered.

Reflections are nothing but the totality and as we adjust to imagining what it is like to see ourselves from the outside, we find nothing has changed and so smile the smile of Reality. You can't kid a kidder but you can think otherwise.

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