Perfection In Action

There is a moment in time where all things find the means of regeneration. Nothing remains as envisioned at conception and nothing endures unto itself. Awakening as a process leads to the creation of sleep. We are not alone.

Ending the times of trials and tribulations, there exists the entirety of matter, all at our beck and call. Exterior to our creations, we remain ever unknowable, unseen and evasive in our grasp of the birthright we imagine we so rightly endeavor to capture. Aloneness exists only when we become our children.

With effort, we become effused with power. Unencumbered of our true nature, experience is sought and died for. There is never an end despite our longing to capture and contain it's essence. The true nature of ourselves becomes pointless. Grasping in the mirror at ourselves, we come away with what we started. Nothing.

Building bridges to a better tomorrow becomes the worthwhile endeavor and so we become the painting at which we gaze, full of wonderment and awe.

The depth and breath of Life is indeed full of wonderment and awe. Taking our breath away, we die just enough to fully understand our questioning nature. Seeking is just another means to that end.

As our answers recede into the Void, the questioning nature of Man kills the beast. Quietly, we fade into the Night and explode into Life.

The universe is indeed perfection in action.

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