The Science Of Self Discovery

With head bent into the wind, we purposefully fixate our gaze on the road just ahead, knowing that THIS is the right road for us to take. Day after day, we trod the road making our purposeful gains.

Discovery, by it’s very nature, ensures that the road never ends. The purpose of science is to never let the road end. There are always more discoveries to be made, more frontiers to claim and many, many wonders to think and ponder upon.

Eventually, one fateful day, perhaps you will stop for a moment. As you break the concentration of attention upon the road ahead, you will slowly stand up, impervious to the wind, and look at the road behind you. You will gaze at it for a moment, and then slowly sweep your attention to the road ahead of you.

Pausing for just a moment in time, you will tilt your head skyward and realize that the entire world about you has suddenly gone silent. Within that slight pause, you will experience reality. You will KNOW that you are an awake and aware being.

There is no road other than the road you make. The only difference there is between SEEING and ‘seeing’ is the slight pause of existence. Seeing reality, there is nothing else to see.

It’s been said that the motto of the Galactic Patrol is “We come back.” Another term associated with that is “May the wind be at your back.”

When the wind is at your back you can be assured that your head is no longer bent into the wind and that you are no longer fixated on attaining the rewards that lie just ahead at the end of the road.

Travelling a different path, with head held high, the wind will always at your back. It will actually push you along to where it is that you are going.

And it won’t matter if you are going forwards or backwards because the road that you will be on, will ultimately go right where you want it to.

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