The "Shenandoah"

The cruiser “Shenandoah” is now underway and is leaving this sector for parts unknown. The “Shenandoah”, named for a specific campaign that took place on a planet much removed from this sector, can be considered to be the “fore-runner” of things to come. Now that it is leaving, it could be said that the “gritty” work here is done.

It’s funny to watch when strategic campaigns reach certain milestones and the predicted effects come about. When this occurs, it’s like getting a “job well done” sort of feeling, only it comes not from one’s comrades in arms, but from the opposition, funnily enough.

Isn’t it strange that the Galactic Patrol has very few ships most of the time, and yet they seem to always be in the “right” places at the “right” time. Sometimes, a great many ships gather together for a campaign or excursion, seemingly appearing out of nowhere and returning to that “nowhere” just as quickly. Ever wonder how a ship, once destroyed, some how reappears at a later time?

There are many facets to the Galactic Patrol and of itself as well.

The “Shenandoah”, like all other cruisers, performs specific tasks. Very specific tasks. Among those tasks there is one called “creating a safe space”. Now the funny thing about space is that you carry it along with you where ever you go. Dynamically, it is the same.

Presence means everything.

There is a lot going on these days in a number of ways, but that is for those who enjoy activity. Action is a lower harmonic of Presence. It takes a large amount of effort to create activity to further one’s downward spiral. A lot of effort. It is true that on the upswing of that spiral a lot of effort is also needed, but between the two Presence is like stepping out from behind the curtain. There are no appearances or effort required in order to BE you.

That is the easy road.

The hard road requires imagery, appearances and “interest”. Sometimes, we must wake ourselves up by having fireworks go off in our heads. Easy or hard, it makes little difference.

In order to achieve the thrill of “victory”, defeat must be created as well. I am not looking for either.

Campaigns and excursions are always carried out for selfish reasons. We are doing it for ourselves.

It’s like asking yourself the question “How do I wish to present myself to myself?”

When there is no effort manufactured at creating separation, there is none.

For this reason, and this reason alone, there are no battles being fought. It IS a fun game, but that is all that it is. It is just as much fun to “lose” as it is to “win”, unless, of course, one were to place themselves on the downward spiral and not “have” enough of it.

You get what you “have”.

Space opera is like the canvas of a painting. Vibrant colors may be used upon that canvas to create wonderful images upon which we may then gaze and watch as our attention drifts away from our own toils and troubles and moves toward something else “out there”. Shifting attention away from the downward plunge creates the avenue of placing attention on the upward rise.

Either way, it’s effort and action in motion.

What happens when you come to know that it all is just exactly the way you want it to be?

Moving beyond time and space, there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. Isn’t it funny that so much happens in so short a time?

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