The Game Of Freedom

"There's a game called freedom," which is what you're playing right at this minute. "And Games contain trickery and misdirection to win" - your 180 degree vector of Have and Agree.

- Tape Set: Philadelphia Doctorate Course;
Author: Hubbard, L. Ron; 08 Jan 2002

If we can accept that we are playing the Game of Freedom, then it would follow that as part of that game, there is trickery and misdirection going on.

When I hear that Xenu has been defeated and all that is left is a few minor cohorts to clean up, then it would be appear that the game is drawing to a close. When I hear that Marcabians are no longer considered to be a threat to this planet, then it would appear that the game is drawing to a close. When I hear that altered Scientological principals and processes are acceptable because 'we are beyond Hubbard', then it would appear that the game of freedom is drawing to a close.

All of these pointers say that the Game of Freedom is being won. Nothing to worry about. Progress is assured. All that is left to do is just a bit of mopping up. No problem.

And then I look around.

People are in turmoil. Governments, organizations and groups continue to control and suppress the individual. School systems continue to encourage "group think", chemicals and toxins are flowing freely into the atmosphere, ground and water. Our food continues to be "naturally" enhanced, biological tampering continues unabated, etc., etc.

In other words, misdirection and trickery.

When actions reflect the words, it is then that I know I have found truth. Until then, there is a game afoot and the only one's who don't know any better are the created pieces.

Luckily, Scientology is still understood by some. I am not referring to the Scientology of those who misdirect through the use of trickery to achieve their own aims, but of the actual demonstrateable processes and procedures of the subject.

The best way to play a game, is to be free of it.

Which side of the game are you enjoying the benefits of association?

I like my food clean and pure. I like the individuals that are around me to be self determined. I enjoy social systems whereby self determination is encouraged.

Games are fun when they are played. Games are not fun from the viewpoint of a being a 'piece'.

A player doesn't need to be told that a game is over. A piece has no idea that a game even exists.

The road out is the road out.

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