Degrees of Separation

Between the three universes there lies a certain amount of space. Space, as a creation, delineates particular amounts of 'have' and 'not-have' areas. As a general rule, the three universes are addressed in specific ways to make them more solid. When presented in this way, the thetan more easily defines for itself areas of attention. It helps to sort things out when labels and perception are narrowly applied. This does not mean that existence is carried forward through those labels and perception.

As a way of motivating attention, the three universes align data and serve to assign correct causality with it's ensuing effects. Notice the balance being applied.

Universes can be created to serve any purpose, but the purpose they serve does not take away from the fact of their creation. They exist upon the basis of individual agreement and it tends to spread like wildfire. In clearly separating each area of influence, self determination has also been clearly compartmentalized. Certainly, this is not the way of self-determination in it's totality.

The dynamics serve to compartmentalize areas of influence and as a subset, the three universes serve their purpose, but beyond the degrees of separation, there remains no separation.

Operating on all levels of existence is called an 'operating thetan'. It is not operating at all levels of existence, as in that restriction the thetan remains limited. The funny thing about limitation is that it is always exceeded.

When seeking dominance over an area, just remember that dominance is limited in it's effects and the only way to achieve complete freedom is to be free. Plain and simple.

When there are no degrees of separation, space becomes contracted and the effect of that is that space becomes as it really is. It stretches out as far as the eye can see, and beyond. No matter where you go or what you do, space extends even further, ever beckoning it's discovery.

Giving up ownership releases ourselves from our creations and when that happens, we once again become 'ourselves'. It has always been there and always will. To the degree of separation, we remain fixed.

Strange. In differentiation, we identify ourselves and restrict our nature. In identification, we strive to become what we are not. In between, the space of discovery awaits our every command.

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