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Postcards From The Edge

In an age of disparity I stand alone. We all stand alone so it's no 'big' deal. As we stand alone in our stance and dance of creation all things encircle us. Reflecting our expression we reap what we sow purposely and in planning such the future... 01 Mar 2024

There Is Nothing Else

In exploring the push which by the way is about completely ignored, we seek and find. The finding part is not quite up to the task but it is there anyway, enticing all those who gaze upon it. There must be something more even if it... 13 Nov 2023

Twisting, Turning And The Bending

As the honored willow bends with the wind and yet never breaks there still remains the fact that the tree provides many opportunities to clean up after it's self. Yes, it can get messy but it is the way of the world. If you know then you... 28 Oct 2022

The March of The Wooden Soldiers

Step by step things are moving along on the road of certainty. It is a well-travelled road filled with all sorts of experiences. Perhaps that is the point of the road itself but don't tell those upon it, especially those full immersed within... 28 Jun 2020

In A Neat And Tidy Package

Stuff. We seem to have an endless supply of it, ever consuming our attention, our thoughts and our energy. Everywhere we look we find it and many times, it seems to find us despite our best efforts to avoid it. Waking up to our spiritual nature... 06 Sep 2005

The Science Of Self Discovery

With head bent into the wind, we purposefully fixate our gaze on the road just ahead, knowing that THIS is the right road for us to take. Day after day, we trod the road making our purposeful gains. Discovery, by it's very nature, ensures that... 25 Feb 2002

The Moment Of Now

There is a power, a force, headed this way and if you become part of the moving morass of humanity, then surely the future will hold what you wish for. Stepping outside of the time stream, awakening occurs and in that awakening, Life blossoms.... 01 Oct 2001

Knowing How To Know

I have completed my duties, I am full-filled. There is nothing more which could express the momentum of change which has not been said. Once filled, emptiness assumes importance, once again. Beyond the circle of our destiny, there lies nothing.... 25 Aug 2001

Pointing Fingers Tell Tales

THAT organization doesn't have the correct technology. THAT organization doesn't use standard scientology and is therefor a waste of time. THAT organization uses altered technology and produces an overt product. Pointing fingers tell tales and... 24 Aug 2001

Naked Path

The turn, the twist, the naked path.The steps ahead mirror those behind.Wondering the halls of darkness, nothing rests. Seeking to find, a way appears out of the blue.Stepping lightly I dream a dream of dreams.Wondering the halls of... 31 Jul 2000

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