The Moment Of Now

There is a power, a force, headed this way and if you become part of the moving morass of humanity, then surely the future will hold what you wish for. Stepping outside of the time stream, awakening occurs and in that awakening, Life blossoms. Rushing into Infinity is never the answer to the question that seeks escape from within.

Beyond the pain of death, immortality ensures it's survival by completing the death poses over and over again until the end of time itself. Moving beyond the sights and sounds which continuously bombard us during sleep, surely comfort can be imagined when we begin to entertain the idea of awakening unto ourselves. Being the light is different than seeing the light, and beyond that all becomes one with no effort indeed. Striving otherwise, we vent the mind's destruction upon the face of the Earth. Therein lies the difficulty. Creating destruction in our wake, we strive for everlasting peace and tranquility which ever eludes our death grip upon it.

Opening ourselves to what lies within is not something best left to the brave of Heart or to the nobility of Mind. Digging deep is the offering in which we place our yearnings, How else will we arrive than by the passage of time?

Alone at last, we reap what we have sown, and yet neither ultimately matters when the tally becomes fulfilled. Life passes us by each moment. Shall you endeavor to capture what is to come, or will you strive to hold what has already passed. In the consequential realm of positive and negative between them lies the moment of all moments. The moment of now, ever being and ever lasting remains as it always is. Inescapable, we fool ourselves into believing otherwise and so we move off the mark. In reality, there is no such thing as time even though watching the pretty pictures rush past us gives the appearance otherwise. Imagination takes hold once we attempt to define an elsewhere to the moment of now. To know pain and suffering is to allow the mind free reign and control. Is that a bad thing?

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