Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less.

Capturing attention, I become the measure by which experience comes to be known. I delight in other’s realizations and find comfort in another’s glory. Stillness of mind, of depth or of breath means little when there is nothing which exists that is capable of such experiences. I remain ever unchanging and unchanged. Immovable, what is there is what is there. The shell and demonstrations come and go but nothing, in reality, is or has been changed. To know is to understand and in that folly, Truth becomes all the more apparent. I am what I am. Nothing more and nothing less.

From the desire of life to the consumption thereof, there is no going anywhere to learn, experience, or ‘do’ anything. Remaining where you are is where you have and will, forever be. Containing life is to become absorbed by life. I am the life I lead and so I am also the creation of that life. There is no difference. In the desperate attempt at definition, I am what I see. I see what I imagine and the imagination is no different, or separate, from Life itself. There are no aspects of oneself, only Life taking shape and form in the desire to see that Life in action. By my fruits will you know me. By my fruits will I come to know of myself. To know of oneself is not to be oneself but to become an imagined glimmer of Truth in it’s unquenched desire for expression. What is that seeks that expression? Nothing. There is no expression other than the thought which creates reality. Without the mind of imagination, we float through time and space, brushing up against this and that in ebb and flow of a current way beyond our understanding, much less control. It carries us all as it wishes and so I remain the reflection in which my gaze becomes captured with interest to follow. Without the basis upon which the All stands, we become the Nothingness of not our true nature, by Reality itself. Seeking expression is the desire to know oneself. Isn’t that the yearning throughout all the ages and times.

The yearning to understand. How interesting that there is nothing to understand in the first place other than our own thoughts of creation. Upon the still waters of Life, gaze deeply and behold your true nature. Understanding has no part in Life other than to formulate predictability in the quest for that which is completely unpredictable, non-classifiable and totally unqualifiable. Go ahead and give it a try. Try to make ‘sense’ of it all. I guarantee insanity will soon follow.

Watching as I do, creation takes and receives new meaning as Expression moves itself through time and space. Coming to a close is an idea neither contemplated nor realistically imagined. Moving forever, as we do, eventually we will never fall off the face of the Earth. Catching our Breath, we continue our yearning and demand it’s expression of joy and delight. Having a good time is what it is all about, so go ahead and make someone’s day. And don’t be bashful about it.

Beneath the swimmers feet, Grace continuously tests the waters for the ‘right’ time and place in which to drown it’s chosen victims. Obviously, the choice is neither ours or the created god in which we place our imaginary delights. When we begin to feel the pull, there is no stopping the desire to swim to safety. Giving up our last Breath, we succumb to the deep, dark pits of the murky waters only to realize that our imagination has run wild on us again. Escaping from nothing we remain true to ourselves and as the horns of victory are sounded with glee, we rise to each and every occasion seemingly beyond our willful control. Letting go is not an option. The will of God has already been fulfilled, so what are you waiting around for?

Enduring some facet we take for ourselves, we engross our selves into something that never feels quite right, which of course, it is not. The course we choose is not of our own choosing and when we are carried against the tide, with a flick of the switch, we become lost, alone, destitute and quite unhappy. There is not hell on Earth, but we can pretend otherwise, can’t we? Free will is free will. We become quite capable at creating our own campfire tales of horror, but when the day breaks, we live again, renewed in our quest of victory. What would happen if we just stopped for a moment and stood time on it’s end and within that pause took a good look at what the hell we are really doing. Would we revise history once again, or continue our deep seated belief expression.

Enduring time like no other, we will surely meet our fate and among the ruins of days gone by, we continue our journey never looking to either side of what lies ahead. Narrow in focus we draw the future ever closer until it too passes us by, and we give thanks. Strangely, we pretend nothing ever happened and do it all over again and again. The rebirthing process becomes the way of life for all of Life.

There is an end to the yearning for an end. Eventually, the end is found and usually comes wrapped as a surprise. Inside we find ourselves looking out and we give ourselves a pat on the back and say, “Let’s move on, good buddy!”. As we move on we uncover and remove our best efforts otherwise. What is relief it is to become unburdened. How sacred the task of burdening ourselves, it all becomes. Without desire, where does it all lead us? Do we even get to reap our just rewards, or do Reality just happen despite what it is that we may or may not do? Underneath all the clothes, the Emperor is truly naked indeed.

Fighting for our lives, we shop for the finest garments and the finest adornments and yet, we consciously know we enjoy taking advantage of the sales at JC Penny’s. Existence is a delight to behold and a wonder beyond our wildest imagination. Isn’t it good to be alive?

With the death of our soul, we become full-filled with the emptiness of Existence. What better way to enjoy Life than to ensure everyone gets a turn. The Wheel of Life revolves. That’s it. It revolves.

In the effort of expression we can create anything at any time in any place. We are not bound by any rules of man or otherwise. The Oneness of our heritage is inescapable, and try as we might, it remains there awaiting our discovery, and as we discover it as if for the first time, we find that there is no great discovery to be had, nor will there ever be. In the Silence, there is a deafening roar to be heard which shatters the world for each and every one of us. No matter the amount of sleep you put in your eyes, there will comes a day when you will awaken to yourself and exclaim at the Beauty of all Creation.

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