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The Way Forward

We all experience that which is most appropriate to our situation. Like a baby in arms all comes to pass as it is meant to. We becomes defined by our 'free will'. You know, it's that cause and effect thing. You become the effect of your... 24 Aug 2022

Sleeping With The Enemy II

As newly born we are without compromise and yet in our travels we accumulate such. Since forgiving our selves is not in the cards someone mustprovide and in so doing we find but another compromise to which we regale in our tales of woe and... 09 Aug 2022

Motionless Movement

In effort we lose grace. Just a few words to the wise.... 18 Aug 2013

Life Is Worth Living

Life is said to be worth living, but isn't that what Life is all about anyway? Confounding simplicity creates the hardships which we gleefully throw at ourselves each and every day. The only hardship that exists is the effort in which we place... 27 Aug 2008

Carried Away

In interest we rise and in boredom we fall. Our minds are like silly putty, capturing and embracing all that our senses spy and when change repeats itself, when lack of new, interesting, stimulus becomes vacated, our minds return to it's... 04 Dec 2006

Grinding Corn And Being Somewhere Else

Exerting effort, we tend to strive with the expectation of overcoming. What audacity! Expectations are the attractions which the Magician uses to capture interest and, of course, attention. It's what the show is really all about.... 31 Aug 2003

What Are You Doing Tonight?

Speaking, we hear the call, but upon closer inspection we realize it is nothing but the echoes of our own thoughts, reverberating in our empty space. Appearances, as always, are as deceiving as we are. Within the empty space, we purchase all... 25 Nov 2002

Seeking Flotational Devices

In the time of dreamers, vistas unfold and as the onrushing future makes it's way through us, we gaze in wonder at the recognition of ourselves onstage. Separately, we are a joy to behold, if only to ourselves. Conjuring a destiny, we seek... 04 Dec 2001

Wheel Of Life

I am the pliable self. Whatever you wish for me to be, I will become that. I blend in easily and become a part of the landscape with no conscious effort. Each individual sees me as they wish to see me. I am what I should be, no more and no less.... 02 Oct 2001

There Is Life Even In The Dead

Fulfilling one's duties and responsibilities, what happens next? Where is it that we will be taken to next? Have we reached the pinnacle of our desires or do we continue to create new and interesting twists and turns in the drama of life. Taking... 18 Sep 2001

Taking Root

A hope, a dream, a far away place, where are the souls in which the turning of life take refuge. From where does the communication so eagerly sought, find a new home in which to blossom and bear the fruit of understanding. Alone in the mist of... 26 Aug 2001

Winded From Effort

Lost in a world where shadows rule, can there be such a thing as 'enlightenment'? All exists for our own selfish pleasure and yet the real becomes illusionary in appearance. Where is the salvation so eagerly surmised? Where is the role of the... 26 Mar 2001

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