Grinding Corn And Being Somewhere Else

Exerting effort, we tend to strive with the expectation of overcoming. What audacity!

Expectations are the attractions which the Magician uses to capture interest and, of course, attention. It's what the show is really all about.

We expect that if we hold true to some course of action, our expectations will bear fruit. We expect that results are there to be had, if for no other reason than fulfilling our just cause. Creating windows of opportunity, we gladly fly through time and space to achieve them. What audacity!

Busy beavers busy themselves with holding back the waters of life. The dam must be strong and worthy of it's nature. There is an awful lot of effort expended in reaping one's harvest and it is the harvest which we relish the experience of.

But what have these idle thoughts to do with Spiritual Freedom?

It takes a lot of effort, so much so that it would appear that a tremendous amount of effort is required in order to overcome the effort already extant. It's like fighting fire with fire. It might work for a while, but sooner or later you're going to find out that you're still burning no matter what you do.

And it is at that point that real auditing occurs.

Being a Free Spiritual Being is easy, the hard part is getting there. When someone tells you that the future awaits, it's at that moment that you had better run for cover. Painting a future with thoughts and ideas will do nothing in establishing yourself in present time.

And that's what being a Free Spiritual Being means. Being right here, right now. Not lost in thoughts, ideas or concepts, but being here, right now. At this very moment.

Grinding through the process of getting there becomes meaningless when one's complete attention is set on getting there. This helps to explain the reason that some like to compare 'OT' level status with others. Supposedly, the 'higher' one is, the more 'important', or 'aware' one is. Not true.

In fact, the one's who can communicate on all levels, as appropriate, are the 'important', or 'aware' ones. Isn't it strange that one enters a race to get through Scientology levels and processes? Isn't it strange that the most basic and simple course, which is found at the very beginning of The Bridge, is the most misunderstood course there is.

Communication skills will make or break you. And when these skills are glossed over and not taken to term, one's entire Bridge collapses and becomes a shadowy, pale, image of itself. It's at that point that the dreams begin.

Dreams of a better future, dreams of what one will become, dreams of anything and everything.

I suppose that as one grinds away, it helps to pass the time to think of other things and imagine what they may or may not be like. For some, being somewhere, anywhere else than right here, right now, is much more important.

All I can say is that no one has ever gotten there from somewhere else. In other words, you can't get there unless you go from here.

It's called Reality and it can only be found right here, right now. Thinking about being somewhere else fools no one because no matter the pretension, Truth always shines through.

And the truth is that no time exists other than this very moment. That is all that you have and all that you will ever have.

Why not make the most of it.

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