Don't Ever Point

Secrets, especially in the so-called 'spiritually-minded' circles, always seem to eventually find their way to open ground. Just like gossip. Sooner or later, the things that you say and do, whether behind closed doors or not, come to be hung on the clothesline for all to see.

Coming to terms with one's own personal integrity requires an ever-vigilant eye. To even let a little lie go "unnoticed" is like saying "It doesn't really matter."

It doesn't really matter that there are people on this planet who actively seek the enslavement of others. It doesn't really matter that the air is being contaminated, the food poisoned and the water chemically altered. It doesn't really matter that religion is being used to control the Mind of Man. It doesn't really matter how we treat our enemies because they are not like us. It doesn't really matter that we ensure our 'survival' by hurting others.

The list goes on and on...

You see, one lie always leads to another and at the end of the road, when all the 'little' lies are gathered together, we get to look back in time at the snowball effect and say: "I should have done something differently." "I should have been more attuned to my own actions." "I should have kept my ethics in."

"I should have."

When lies become the justification for our actions we ensure our own degradation into the Abyss of Darkness. It's easy to fall in, but can you just as easily fall out?

Taking up the Banner of Lies is the same as choosing the Road of Terror. It's a long, lonely, difficult road to take, and it is made all the more difficult by accepting the lies of others. But of course we cannot see the lies of others when our own are staring right down upon us, day in and day out just waiting for that 'special' moment to drive the blade of self-destruction that much deeper.

Getting out of the habit of self-destruction can appear to be extremely arduous and time consuming, but that is not so. Like all other appearances, illusions are merely the play of the weak-minded and when one's personal integrity comes to be compromised, we slowly, little by little, lose our bravery, our insight, our awareness.

Is it any wonder that the world is so full of Thetans looking for a way out.

There is no way out.

It's called the way through.

Did you really think that you could escape all of your lies and deception?

You can't.

Perhaps now would be a good time to stop accepting little lies as being acceptable truth. Sooner or later, you're going to have to face yourself as you are. With your personal integrity intact, the job comes to be that much easier. As a matter of fact, without your own integrity firmly entrenched into your awareness, you will never, ever, come to know who or what you really are. All that you will find, instead, are others.

Others who treat you badly. Others who don't like you, others who are the cause of all your problems. Pointing fingers do tell tales.

Here is a 'tip for the week': Don't ever point, know instead.

Know that starting from your own point of view, the Universe exists solely for you. The way that it comes to your doorstep is exactly how you want it to come. It's exactly how you have made it to be.

Telling a little lie or two, pretending that things are differently than they are, will just eventually take away your ability to see reality as it is. After all, keeping track of all those lies is not only time-consuming, but quite energy-draining as well.

Isn't it strange that most people can't see that?

28 Aug 2003

An Additional Note

Scientology auditing is like putting yourself under the microscope for a closer look. Do you realize just what that really means?

It means that once you are brave enough to actually look at the most obvious things that are 'wrong' in your universe, you will then be able to move on to other, 'finer' points.

It's what Gradients are all about. You get to take a closer and closer look at yourself - honestly and with integrity - and it takes a great deal of honesty and integrity to come to terms with yourself. Few are the brave.

In fact, so few are the brave that they are the one's who give that small inward smile when Thetans start running around yelling "It's THIS way to get out of the Trap!". The louder these Thetans yell, the more 'safe' they feel because they know that the way they are going is dangerous as hell.

But the most dangerous route of all, is the one that is taken in which one looks at oneself.

Isn't it funny that you will always find what you are looking for in the last place you look?

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