Living Enhancement

We all seem to want to 'live better'. Finding a better life, a better job, more wealth, a flashier car and of course the all-time favorite, the 'perfect' spouse or 'friend'. Challenges, we will happily engage ourselves in until we reach fruition in our search of the elusive. But that is the point, isn't it? Searching.

When one searches, one has not 'found'. If you were to be happy exactly where you are, right now, in life, there would be no wants, no desires, no 'picture perfect' imagery to gauge our surroundings. There would be a peace and it would be the peace that spurs us all along in our quest and conquest. Unfortunately for the attached, it remains at arms length for all eternity. Unreachable and becoming despised.

The games we play with ourselves tends to keep us very, very busy. So much so, that we become fully engaged with all our hopes and dreams, completely ignoring the reality that is already here, right now, this very moment in time.

As children play, time passes in complete disregard. My, how busy we have become!

Already, you have occupied yourself in this fashion. Will you now acknowledge the end of the search or shall you continue to immerse yourself in thoughts, concepts and ideas? The only way TO spiritual freedom is FROM spiritual slavery. Walking either path, one comes to fully appreciate both, but have you yet realized that ALL paths base their survival in imagery?

We think we know it all and so demand our right to self-determinism, fully embracing the idea of 'how things should be'. No other reference point will do.

Firmly, we hold our goals in mind and refuse to cease our actions along those pathways. We MUST fulfill what we have imagined for ourselves knowing that our survival depends upon our success. What folly we engage in!

If thinking makes it so, then what about 'no thinking'? Can you imagine what it is like to think no thoughts? If you can, then nothing has changed as thoughts continue to dominate your will and your actions. Even in self-reflection, we see what we have imagined for ourselves.

Stepping out of the shadow of the mind, the only warmth we will find is all Eternity at our door. The only sight we will see is naked Existence and the only action that we will ever undertake is beyond our control. Moving in the fabric of Existence, there is no fear, there is no gaining of spiritual freedom, and there are no pictures from the mind in which we establish 'self-determinism'.

Spiritual freedom need not be a condition of spiritual slavery. Breaking the chains of viewpoints, there becomes nothing to hold. When there is nothing to hold, we find ourselves as we are, in our full glory.

You are not what you appear to be and you are not what you think you are. Tracing the origin of our presence, we come to find that there is no presence. Viewpoints establish presence and once that goes, nothing is left.

What could possible be afraid of that?

In the face of run-away viewpoints, this may not appear to be so, but none-the-less, it is. There is no fear but the life of which you have given to your thoughts, ideas and concepts. They will never die until you stop letting them chase you away.

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