Shivering In The Cold Of Summer

Sleeping is child's play. Not only is it quite easy to fall into but it can also be quite difficult to wake up from. But that is one of Life's little wonders.

There is a time for sleep and there is a time for being awake.

Dreaming about the cold in the middle of Summer is about as ridiculous as dreaming about expanded awareness when the awareness that one already has is viewed as long ago and forgotten.

How easily it is that we forget. How has it come to be that we seem to have lost the awareness which we once had. How is it, that out of our thoughts of desire, Reality cannot be made into the something which we desperately want it to be.

Mesmerized by the viewpoints we hold, anything becomes possible - or so we hope.

And that is exactly the point being made.

Holding a viewpoint takes a tremendous amount of energy. If we were to gather together all of the energy which we have locked away in our points of fixation, we would never be out in the cold again.

It would be like keeping a roaring campfire going to make sure that the beasts which we fear are kept at bay. We just know that 'they' are out there, lurking in the dark, impatiently waiting for the right moment in which to devour the body we call home.

And that is the difference between fear and knowledge. With fear comes the conviction that others must be swayed to uphold our own selfish beliefs. But with knowledge, there are no beliefs and there are no convictions.

The Truth does, indeed, set you free.

So the next time that you find yourself out in the cold, especially when there is more than enough warmth to be had for the asking, find out just what viewpoint it is that is keeping you away.

Knowledge burns everything in it's path and leaves no trace of experience.

Wouldn't it be silly to only go half-way?

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