Mission To Mars

If you take a moment to look around, you may notice that some of the names and titles of various objects have some sort of familiar or easily accepted way about them. What I mean is that these names may seem quite comfortable with us and may even give us a feeling of familiarity, even if we are not fully conscious of it. Why is it that we are comfortably with one name or title and on the other hand we outwardly dislike the name or title of another? All about us we are bombarded with names of things and these names can be as restimulative as any painful or jubilant memory, that we tightly hold on to, can be. Always, there is a purpose in the grouping and assigning of words to objects and that purpose always has to do with emotional content.

At one time, a mission was sent to this planet to create a pathway to the exploration and eventual inhabitation of the planet we call Mars. Appropriately, this mission was called the "Mission to Mars" even though it fully took place on Earth. This mission was successfully completed. It's success was so complete that even today, although the civilization went through a rebuild, there lies a desire to reestablish a link with the familiar. Funny as it seems, missions can sometimes become overly successful and when this happens it is called a repair action. The repair action balances, or brings back equilibrium to the person, place or thing that continues to exhibit the effects of the original intent.

The title 'Mission to Mars' has such a nice warm, exploratory feeling to it while the term 'The Dark Side of the Moon' has insidious and evil connotations. On the one hand, the named purpose described an outward reach of a civilization, to extend beyond it's own boundaries in seeking something much more than themselves and on the other hand, the named purpose describes the action of implantation, restriction and control. It's actually very easy to tell the white hats from the black and even when terminology is employed for deception, the apparent intention is clearly demonstrated. Satan in a bunny suit is still Satan. It may appear warm and fuzzy, but it soon becomes very, very obvious that it is what is inside that counts the most.

Missions are undertaken in all sort of ways and in all sorts of times. It's not uncommon to find yourself in the middle of overlapping missions but surprising as it may seem, this rarely presents a problem. In the overall scope of things, the ultimate destination is never forgotten.

Part of the goal for the "Mission to Mars" was the future effects that would be created. This was actually counted on as being repaired at a future date. Strange as it may seem, missions at first glance can seem to be simplistic and straight forward, but many, many times, this is very far from actual fact. The levels of action, reaction and overall effect is studied to such a degree that it might appear, at first glance, to be overwhelmingly bogged down in detail, a depth of which would negate any action being undertaken at all. This would be an incorrect view. "There is a time and a place for everything."

When becoming the effect of a title or name, when hearing it being communicated by another, don't forget to remember that effects do not have to sustain themselves repeatedly over time. They can become diminished as one desires. One way of lessening the impact is by repeating the word, or words, until they become desensitized. Another way of lessening the impact is to let the word reveal it's message and when understanding occurs, enlightenment follows.

Creating a "Mission to Mars" type of scenario takes a lot of skill and planning. It has been said that the only way a mission fails is when the following has been unheeded: "There is a time and a place for everything." Sometimes, the mission itself must be altered, modified, suspended or even destroyed. This is why the dynamics have been aligned the way that they were. The first, all important ingredient, is you. From that position everything else is viewed. If your own thoughts fail to be in alignment with those of the other dynamics, then no mission could possibly ever succeed. The nice thing about undertaking a mission is that you find out that the whole universe is at your disposal. Help and assistance are just waiting for you to give the word and when that word is communicated, it is just like coming home. Again.

Words, thoughts, ideas and concepts all have meanings and purpose. You don't need a psychic medium to interpret them for you. All you have to do is listen to yourself. Isn't that what an auditor does? An auditor is one who listens. Isn't it about time that you started to act like one?1

  1. This article was originally posted to the FreeZone America Forum using the identity ‘alice’. 

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