Sand In My Eyes

Intellectual ramblings entertain and enthrall us with their experiential emotive content, but deliver little of substance or value. Value is surmised in regard to emotional content. The higher the content, the bigger the high. Intelligence taxes our emotional constitution and expands space. To what end, it can never be known. The experiential feedback is what is important and the higher the quotient the greater the promise of leading a more fuller and richer life. Intellectual is sounds very stimulating, as it is meant to be. Is that all there is to it?

Beyond the mind and thoughts, beyond sensory experience and imaginings there lies a place where space has no meaning and time exists solely as something that is 'outside'. Content, whatever form or delivery, remains mindless and unequivocally boring. Emotive feedback is looked upon as a flaw in the pure diamond of being. Grasping for straws, the 'outside' becomes the 'inside'.

Here is this place of wild fantasies and chores of our own choosing, we live a life content in the knowledge that knowledge will set us free from the mind's overactive imagination. Nothing resolves life faster than looking elsewhere.

Here is this place of worship and duty, we find the everlasting breath of our forefathers, enticing us ever onward in the dark. Before us lies our destiny as is so clearly demonstrated by looking in the past.

Here is this place of natural beauty, radiating eternal love and light, we see the shadows of our own making and strive to relieve ourselves from ourselves. Capturing our hearts, we yearn to be free.

Here in this place of location and power, eagerly are both sought only to deny it's very existence underneath our feet. Looking elsewhere, we discover.

There is no place like home and home is no place to be. Searching for our just rewards, we find them. Reaping our experiences, we collect them to trade. Playing in the sandbox is such fun!

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