The Shadow People

Cruising through life, have you ever taken a moment to notice what it is that follows you where ever you go? What follows is not merely your own shadow, but something of much greater depth. Within the shadows of life opportunity exists.

Opportunities are the shadows with which we are constantly one step ahead. Taking a moment to ponder, the veil lifts and the knock upon the door startles us from our dreams. Looking, we see the ebb and flow of circumstance and cause. From here to there and back, the creation of the effect stirs us and motivates us to achieve. Sometimes, that achievement creates greatness. At other times, it creates something even beyond greatness. Hiding from destiny, shadows create fear and forgetfulness, but in realization, all becomes revealed.

Shadows can be used to hide things. They can also be used to reveal. There is a choice.

Looking beyond the line of sight, we see where it is that we are taking ourselves, and others. Going places, existence provides the fruition of motivation and at times, the justification. There are no reasons other than what is created to serve as life's impetus. For some, the reason alone provides relief, for others, reasoning and computing provide little entertainment other than labeling what it is that others do. Detachment is ignorance, but in that ignorance the beauty of life can be fully embraced. If you have to think about it, it becomes lost.

How is it that understanding is always just beyond our grasp? Perhaps now you know.

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