Try Harder

Stepping out of line, out of sight, what is it that we lose so very easily along the way. Capturing our hearts, we seek the rapture that endears us to 'try harder'. Ever lasting, we hunt for the kill only to be rewarded with death itself. Alone with our thoughts, we pray for forgiveness while looking at ourselves in the mirror of life. To ask is to receive, and so we deliver all that we wish.

Encompassing the thoughts of spontaneous creation, we set ourselves free and embody a side of ourselves previously unknown and unthought of before. Ever new, we 'try harder'.

Fixating upon our destination, we are surely to arrive, all in one piece. As the pieces find their resting place, we become the whole of ourselves and discover that it is what we have always been, each piece unto itself. Surviving the absurdity, we float free and realize that we are what we are and nothing as well. Complexities of life are there for the taking. The complexities of death, come what may. Beyond each piece lies the surety of being. Reposing, we seem imposing and like the mirror in which we place our conviction, images ebb and flow with ease. Untouchable and untouched, the ocean remains pure.

You are the ocean, I, the rain that falls. Who is the container and who the embodiment? The ocean takes many forms and from it's depth all life extends. Within that life, there may be found a mirror in which you might say 'try harder', but who is the one that hears it's own voice. Who is the one that creates for it's own enjoyment. Who is the one in which, like the ocean, all exists within. Encompassing ourselves we come to know ourselves. Can there be any other way?

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