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I Am But A Forgotten Note Upon The Scale Of Time

Subtle are the ways and means of 'discovery'. It's true, there is nothing new in this universe nor beyond. It is all known but can be considered to be knowable. It's the old 'seek and ye shall find' trick of the craft. Master Magicians tend to... 29 Oct 2022

Pictures of the Beast

Unfortunately for show biz, there will be very little in the way of entertaining content here on this web site. Lovely pictures to induce one to imagine lovely thoughts and feelings will not be found here. Musical notes to send one to faraway... 08 Feb 2007

Another Day Dream

It's a big Universe. A really, really big universe. But that means very little when it comes to our own self revelation as anything and everything 'outside' of our selves means diddly squat. In view of that, there have been a few changes made to... 05 Dec 2006

Chance Happenstance

In a moment of peace the silence of our being arises and lets us know that we do indeed exist. Isn't it strange that in order for peace to come to us we must kill all the thoughts and ideas that we have of ourselves? Holding on to things, we... 18 May 2005

Welcome to the Land of the Living

In this land of NO RETURN ye shall surely waste away and come to naught. But that is the whole point isn't it? To come to nothing, to end up nothing with nothing to do, say or act upon. Life flows from it source and here at the Source, Life... 14 Sep 2004

Where We Belong

Working alone, we wend our way through life, seeking and revealing all of life's mysteries and rhymes. Full-filling each and every quest, we move on to more important ones, always keeping an eye out for something of even greater 'worth'. Isn't... 03 Dec 2003

The Gods Are Pleased

Finding the treasures of old, we delight in the seeking. Expending our efforts, we build our reserves for the next. Alone at last, we contemplate our future and create the life we are to lead. Events unfold in their proper time and place. The... 03 Dec 2001

Try Harder

Stepping out of line, out of sight, what is it that we lose so very easily along the way. Capturing our hearts, we seek the rapture that endears us to 'try harder'. Ever lasting, we hunt for the kill only to be rewarded with death itself. Alone... 17 Jul 2001

Just Another Lazy Summer Day

Long lost within the echoes of our thoughts, we seek out others of like mindedness wondering if each is as capabile as we hope that they will be. Reality sets in and nothing remains the same, the dream shatters the imagination and turns the... 10 Jun 2001

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