We Effort To Live

Within the Love that lurks within, is this where the land of Oz meets reality? Can Life extend it’s wishes across all borders and boundaries. Does the beast of burden fall prey to neither.

Among the walking dead, the glow of life never diminishes and yet, alone and forgotten, we weep with desire for the hope that will never be. Amid the land of living, the love we seek can never be found. Ignored and abandoned, we seek in all manner of places and times. Never leaving, we relish our own glow.

Gazing upon the still waters of life, nothing moves. No thoughts, concerns or desires are ever given birth. It is the death of life and the beginning of wonderment. To become born is to die and yet dying renews the last hope once again. Evermore cries the long lost love from deep within. Stirring, the lands of life become green with our demonstration. In the movement, we learn that love is never ending and ever more.

Reaching, we grasp and hold dear to the dreams of reality knowing full well that in losing oneself we gain the death of life. Beyond both, love fills the air and permeates existence. Nothing else exists and in our yearning, we come to learn, and accept, the truth we most fear. The mirror allows us to see, ever failing to reflect the whole. Concentrating, we effort to live.

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