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The Mirror Never Lies

Riding the wave of our own essence we sooner or later find our selves upon the sands of time wondering how in the hell we got there in the first place. In the sudden realization of our presence we question. Relying upon what has come before, we... 09 Nov 2023


The explosion of unobtrusive completeness. It's true, we are complete. All the searching, 'discovering' and 'learning' means little as that which we are is already extant. There is no way forward or 'back'. In gazing at the mirror we can... 08 Nov 2023

Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips

Isn't life grand, free will and all? Running to and fro this way and that eventually the mind settles down. Not always but it is something we wish for as our attention envelops the maelstrom and 'loses' it's way. Getting caught up in our own... 07 Jan 2023

The Sounds of Silence

The silence around us tells the tale. The echoes of a past thought dead and buried rise to the surface in the hopes that sunlight will bring salvation. When the pot gets stirred all sorts of things come to the surface. It's the whole point of... 01 Dec 2022

The Arrow Of Truth

No matter which side one finds one's self on there is _always a perceive 'truth' to behold. It's what coagulates and keeps together the various bits and pieces of a disparate whole. There always seems to be leaders and followers who are... 28 Oct 2022

The Witching Hour

Time comes and goes. And then there is the time of adjustment. In the hour of holding one's breath in order to relish the sights and insights much comes to be revealed - if one so decides. In decision all things come to pass while also... 23 Oct 2022

Thrashing The Night Away

In trying to escape from our thoughts the hamster wheel becomes but a blur upon the landscape. Over and over we tread the same path expecting different results. Eventually we 'take a break' only to return to the very same sorrows and pain. Is... 24 Aug 2022

Here, There And Everwhere

It's neither here nor there. It's everywhere. This isn't about how we are all 'connected', how lines of control embrace all the good little boys and girls of the universe so as to make us all one. We are not one because there is no 'we'.... 27 Aug 2020

The March of The Wooden Soldiers

Step by step things are moving along on the road of certainty. It is a well-travelled road filled with all sorts of experiences. Perhaps that is the point of the road itself but don't tell those upon it, especially those full immersed within... 28 Jun 2020

The 'Power' of Force

Perhaps this is just prevalent in my universe but it seems so many people out and about in this world have great respect for the power of force. When it comes to egotistical arguments, of which there is about nothing else of, force seems to... 19 Apr 2020

Want Some Candy?

Well here we are. So the question becomes, where is that?... 16 Feb 2017

Lying In Wait

Once upon a time I was alive but then I died right away. I could not bear the stupidity of make-believe aka 'life'. It's been said that life is what you make it but try doing that with the enemy breathing down your throat. Of course the 'enemy'... 01 Mar 2016

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