The Arrow Of Truth

No matter which side one finds one’s self on there is _always a perceive ‘truth’ to behold. It’s what coagulates and keeps together the various bits and pieces of a disparate whole. There always seems to be leaders and followers who are ‘called’ into action. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, ‘truth’ must be made secret1. The truth is that we create the circumstance and so live out our lives in the dream of fixation2.

I do not participate in local affairs3.

It doesn’t matter the who or even the what but secrecy and ‘behind the scenes’ seems to be the flavor of the day. And then everyone jumps on board. It’s not the rats leaving a sinking ship but rather a reorganization of a tried and true ‘heritage’. There is no way out.

These days it is all the rage to sustain a darkness in which all sorts of dastardly deeds can be unfolded - on both sides4.

How long can the image sustain it’s self? Mirror, mirror on the wall…

As ‘promised’ just over the horizon lies better currents, shores and more importantly trade. There are few who are not a participant5.

When truth hits you, there is no going back, there are no justifications, reasonings or plans whether ‘divine’ or not. There is no waking up6.

Truth isn’t a two-edged sword. You are.

  1. Cue the chorus of ‘it’s for your own good’. 

  2. Happy now? 

  3. It’s true, I have standing orders. 

  4. ‘Sides’. Is that not a clue to behold? 

  5. That itself doesn’t turn apples into bad apples but spreading deceit certainly does. 

  6. Sorry to lay that on you. 

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