Down The Alley of Opportunity

There is always a 'way out'. There are no closed doors ever. What we may think is not always so.

Our perception is driven by our desire and in so 'seeing' all comes into focus. As we create so shall we live1. Is there really a god.

We can forever proclaim victory over a source we will never understand. How can we. As we convince ourselves that we are the reason we live our lives become something which must be lived, or sometimes even endured. The train must be headed somewhere.

Insight into our nature is best left to those who no longer wish to be a part of that glorious and glamorous something, the 'special' something to which we have attached our energy hence focus. As perception drives us forward into an 'unknown' future we sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride2.

If the hand of god3 can be seen what would it look like. Would one even recognize it's substantiated appearance. Do we really listen to the sound of our own heart beating4.

Eventually all things happen.

  1. That should all have quote marks but the point becomes tiresome so they are being left out. 

  2. The truth is quite the opposite. 

  3. Source if you will. 

  4. Literal is only a portion of the make up. 

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