Driving Down Memory Lane

It's all been done before. As the movie reel unwinds it brings about a sense of boredom. Nothing new, nothing different. Repetition begets a sleepiness in one's eyes and as illusion creates an unreality not suited to now all comes into focus. Yes, It's the long way around but it's not about the way but about duty.

We all live in times of a created uncertainty that suits us. As we step into our roles things happen. Go ahead, call it a 'coincidence'. The Universe vibrates with a particular frequency but who is to say what or who substantiated it's origin. Coming out of no-where is a common theme and yet it seems to carry little weight. Are we not alone?

As we exist we endure and upon reaching the ends of the Earth the end becomes nigh. As we are carried forward in time and space, neither happens. Fooling ourselves is a full time job.

Seeking and yearning becomes us. As we settle for nothing less creation unfolds it's arms and in it's embrace we find solace and being. As we project ourselves upon the landscape of our being reality comes to greets us so that we may live out our lives as we see fit. If the end justifies the means then so be it. We are where we are, who would disturb such a harmonious relationship.

There is only one way forward.

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