Wandering The Wasteland

Sometimes reality kicks in.

As we surf the possibilities of our imagination sooner or later there comes a time where contemplation sets in so as to force the issue at hand. Coming to terms with our own sense of self is as a gargantuan task as we make it out to be. Free will can take us on quite a thrill ride and then, the hammer falls.

As our desires bear fruit so too do the consequences. Embrace and or neglect serves us well only to reach their own limitation and leave us high and dry. We are not alone.

The rise and fall of Man is quite well known and as the ashes comes back to life and living all seems as it should. Can we really fool ourselves to such a degree that we endlessly repeat the same cycle over and over again until eventually we come to terms with what is. How long does that train, headed into oblivion, take. Short or long the end result always remains the same.

As the clock ticks by eons pass. In the blink of an eye understanding evades us and yet it exists just the same. Eventually the line becomes drawn and we step over. Eventually. Good thing time doesn't exist or else it would become a sad commentary on our condition.

It's a wasteland out there in the wilds of our imagination. Why give it substance. Of what use does it become to our own potentiality.

Sooner or later the wandering ceases and in that magic moment reality becomes real.

There are no secrets.

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