The Fear That Binds Us

As we create our universe we tend to envelop ourselves with ourselves and in so doing become what we see. As we are there is no separation. We are what we are and in expanding our scope all shines brightly before us. It's all an illusion of course but it looks and feels so real.

Perception can be a tricky thing as we tend to envision creation according to our own platitudes and when cause and effect becomes effective fright suddenly takes center stage. There is no where to hide and no where to run.

Accepting our fate is never an option and so we draw swords in order to fight the good fight, namely our own sense of righteousness. Things should be as we are and they indeed are despite the fact of that peculiar itch just under the collar, always distracting and annoying us to no end. The tell is in the details but who would bother to look there when there is so much more to be had.

We are never alone especially when the good company we keep is none other than our own convictions. Seeing behind and beyond the veil is best left to those crazy crackpots out for some sort of delusional wet dream. Are we not the gods of which we speak.

Treading lightly can be a good role model but who in their right mind would not join the band in proclaiming every single little greatness about ourselves. Every speck of it should not go unanswered and as we parlay our 'strengths' we expect great rewards. It's all a ruse of course but when everyone is playing the same game why not make the most of it.

We are what we are, not what we think we are.

The king has no clothes and yet he is fully adorned with such.

Who is lying to who?

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