Is It Time For A Good Laugh?

We are told that planets exist, our souls can be saved and that we are but mortal Man battling the war of good against evil. All that we are taught and take to heart becomes instilled in our nature. We become that which we subject ourselves to. Who is to blame for that.

There is a fine line between good and evil and yet... and yet no lines exist at all other than that which we proclaim. I am therefore I exist.

I've been around awhile, I've seen the sights and lived the tales to tell. So what. In the end what matters is what the matter becomes to one's self. Dreaming, we become and then we live to tell the tale as we make it all up as we go along. There is no end in the same way that there is no beginning.

As we drift along our plight of servitude we sooner or later realize one thing or another. So what. Do you really believe that you have been asleep all this time?

Embarking on new and adventurous journeys tugs on the soul of accomplishment but is fooling ourselves part of the bargain. Where do we go from here other than out there. It's time I tell you that there is no 'out there' other than what you have imagined for your self and others. Building the universe of our dreams requires that we express our selves. Suddenly, the spotlight shines upon our person and reveals to all our inner most secrets. As there are no secrets, all is revealed. In good time we set our selves aright.

Deepening the soul's journey we pledge allegiance to this and that and yet it all becomes laughable in the end.

Are you ready for a good laugh?

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