In Judgement We Come, In Judgement We Go

There is no time like the present. All happens in a moment and yet we seem enraptured by it's inexplicable detail, driving towards an insanity that we would rather not forget and as we dive headlong into the abyss of knowledge there is no air.

Fear not as not all is lost. We can overcome our own convictions and create a new reality from which we may further delve into possibilities and circumstance. Yes, there is no way out. It's not a matter of escaping but a matter of coming to terms with our own essence. We are where we are and so there is no further need to look.

It's not that we are all encompassing but that all the encompassing we surround ourselves with is us. It's true, there is no way out. Going through the closet of our wildest dreams is best left to those courageous enough is see it through, all the way to the end. Whatever it takes, it takes.

As I stand firm I recognize that not all having standing. Despite our own perceived short comings we are all the same. Every single one.

So who are we to judge anything. Humility doesn't make cowards, it makes brave souls who become tried and tested. Who else should be by your side than a battle-hardened warrior ready and able to meet whatever comes this way. It all comes this way and that is the point.

In judgement we attempt definition and in so doing we give away the fortress.

Don't walk away. Don't ever just walk away.

We are who and what we are. Isn't that enough?

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