Tip-Toeing Into The Abyss

Slowly, ever so slowly the steps reveal who it is that encroaches upon what is. It's not about the who but the what. Existence takes many forms and sometimes what is thrown at you is not quite what one would expect. Despite our own certainty time has the tendency to move us along. Sometimes it is a path of knowledge and at other times it is one hell of a ride.

When we become unseated 'miracles' happen.

Looking down that road of destiny it becomes revealed that change occurs not at our behest but by the 'greater good'. Assembling our foot soldiers, we try to circumvent the 'plan' and yet time after time we utterly fall on our faces. Being one display in such a way causes one to consider one's options much more deeply. Why would one create a such a need when all is revealed plainly. Is there something we are missing.

Perhaps in contemplation all will be revealed or perhaps we will just never get a clue to our existence from which all things derive. We become the island the abhor.

Servitude requires convictions and yet as we explore our bounds the only conviction which survives our fate is one of being. As we wrap ourselves in the full glory due us we shine brightly, comfortable in the knowledge that all is as it should be. Through false hope and desire many are led astray.

It doesn't matter who does the leading, the end result is always the same.

Stand brightly and stand as you are. the only reason to do otherwise is to try and change the effect.

It's too late for that.

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