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Escaping The Inescapable II

Running is good exercise. It is also important to breathe. Destiny has a way of opening our eyes to what this little thing called life experience wishes to bring forth upon us. It really doesn't matter what you do, how you do or with... 06 Dec 2023

Anything Is Possible II

In this time of ever lasting love there exists that which lies outside the boundaries and limitations of the playing field. There are fields of play at work here and in a multi-dimensional stance. Where there was one there are the many.... 08 Nov 2023

Escaping The Inescapable

There is no going back, Get used to the idea. Although time does not exist that doesn't mean that we can go back and do a 'redo'. That's repetition which has no place in evolutionary movement. It's true, we're evolving.... 05 Feb 2023

Standing In Shadow Of Plethora

As the flock and flocks gather individually and in totality separation becomes a term tossed to the four winds of Mother Earth. As we become enveloped with embrace something deep inside stirs in a hazy remembrance of something long past and yet... 04 Feb 2023

There Is No Time Like The Present

I don't believe in time. All things happen, that's it. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow but none-the-less, there it is. Getting caught up in a world of 'reality' is quite time consuming. There is always something to do,... 20 Dec 2022

Walking In A Timeline of Re-Occurrence

Deja Vue. If you haven't experienced it just wait a bit, perhaps a moment or two, or even three. Timelines have a way of repeating themselves and if you've been paying attention their very existence comes into question. It's not about the... 07 Nov 2022

Tip-Toeing Into The Abyss

Slowly, ever so slowly the steps reveal who it is that encroaches upon what is. It's not about the who but the what. Existence takes many forms and sometimes what is thrown at you is not quite what one would expect. Despite our own certainty... 25 Sep 2022

Understanding The Un-Understandable

The mind of Man is encompassed with boundaries from which there is no escape. Thinking will not set you free from what thinking has wrought. Again, there is no escape. Dropping connections, we see that the line's viability increases. By... 30 Aug 2022

There Always Comes A Time

Upon the sands of time all comes to be revealed. Sooner or later all those nasty buggers hiding in the closet of our choice comes to be not only revealed, but with an audience gasping at the horror, suddenly and unexpectedly laid bare. Nakedness... 18 Jun 2022

Mouse Trap

There was an old game that was quite a barrel of monkeys to play and enjoy. It involved an elaborate scheme via a convoluted methodology to indicate and entrap the ever-elusive mouse. It involved quite a setup but keeping in mind the eventual... 23 Dec 2021

Riddle Me This

In the last twilight of our dreams waking moments drift as if upon the sands of time. Wandering the streets of fire we eventually come to a dead-end pass where the good guys and bad guys deserve their just reward. From one side of the fence to... 20 Feb 2021

The Writing On The Wall

In the night of our dreams the boogy-man comes a'calling. At least that is the way of the world as told by our betters. Authority always rises and falls, sometimes relegated to the back burner and other times right there in your face. There is... 07 Dec 2020

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