Understanding The Un-Understandable

The mind of Man is encompassed with boundaries from which there is no escape. Thinking will not set you free from what thinking has wrought. Again, there is no escape.

Dropping connections, we see that the line's viability increases. By over-compensating we create fields of vision to lead us down a path we think separate and apart from our limitations. Well, since those 'limitations' define the path how then will one escape.

There is no 'breaking free' from the bonds with which we have encumbered our selves with. After all, we are the ones doing the dirty deed in the first place. So what then becomes the answer to understanding that which lies beyond the boundaries of comprehension. Where do we find the answer to our own demise.

It's really quite simple.

Stop 'searching'. It's like looking for a needle in a hay stack when you 'forgot' that the needle is already in your hand. Loads of activity can be quite exciting but in the limitation of such perception suffers. While so suffering how then can one see. The answer is, of course, that you can not.

So while you may want to drop the act it none-the-less continues. Looking for answers beyond the threshold of your own existence is the definition of an insanity which no one else can cure.

It's not about the right answer, it's about a perception that is contrary. Change that and everything changes.

Gosh, if that were true you would be quite the formidable force in the Universe. Would you not agree?

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