In The Tide of Our Dreams

Life ebbs and flows, there is no way around it. Seemingly we find our selves steadfast in our purpose and dreams and in so living up to the same we relish with delight the fallout of such. Movement requires action and in such expression all things come to pass. Amazingly, ignorance comes to be embraced so that our distraction becomes complete. One cannot ‘find’ that which can never be ‘lost’. Isn’t that the whole purpose of playing games.

If we can beat ourselves in poker than surely we must amount to something. In folly all Man falls.1 Gasping for air, we do anything. Some realize that and some realize that it’s all about the gasping, the reaching and withdrawing so that we see. It’s a prank of course but some fall for it.

Lives are won and lost but so what, the greater game can be afoot. Few realize that all is lost and yet the game continues. In fact, all is won so what’s the problem.

Neither are we lost nor found but simply are. Though one may break out the celebratory accoutrements nothing changes the fact of an undercurrent flowing freely ‘beyond’ the sight of mortal convictions. It’s a ruse of course but I tend to play along. Why interrupt the game-maker in it’s superiority of play. Sooner or later the light switch comes into play and there it is… all in it’s full glory2.

Sooner or later all things come to pass. If only we all understood the full impact of such. Nothing comes of it.

But why change the flow of that which is tried and true. Only the few courageous can ‘save’ the day but the implication is that there are ‘few’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The ocean, in all it’s mastery and glory, overcomes all. It’s upon which all dreams are made.

  1. Please understand the context here. 

  2. I take nothing. 

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