Fear Drives Perpetuity

Unfolding the steps ahead we step upon step on our pre-conceived stepping stones. Safety is our number one concern so all becomes according to our nature. Amazingly, as we view our selves from a distance, we become. Doesn't matter the when or how or even what, it all aligns according to what lies before us.

There is no wandering or wondering, there just is. We can struggle all we wish and yet the basis remains. Despite our so-called lack, we yet still remain. Does that in it's self tell you nothing.

Our thoughts betray us and provide but a glimpse into who we are and yet even that comes up short and short sightedness. Who are we to complain and who is it that we could extend such complaints to. It's pretty simply how it is all laid out and yet few and far between grasp that which is laid bare.

You see, what we hold is what defines us and in that definition we become known.

So my advice, if one wishes to remain 'unknown' is to simply be that which needs no introduction. One cannot chase the fox and proclaim victory all the while being the fox. There is no equation in determining presence.

To live one most must certainly 'die' and in leaving it all behind nothing remains.

It's true. There is nothing new in this Universe. Stepping into other 'dimensions', 'realities' or whatever changes nothing. You are you. There is no getting around that.

All the rest is but content in the history books called 'you'.

Please don't bore me with the details.

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