Bits And Pieces

It seems as if we are fed bits and pieces along the way, ensuring and guiding us along some particular path of which we are completely ignorant. It’s a lie of course because we know what we know. There is no escaping our selves.

Along the way we pile up debts and gratitude expecting that in the end all will come to pass. What is missed perhaps, is that what is to come to pass is already here. Living in the moment we relish something else. There is always something else.

Guiding us along the path of self-deception is none other than who we are. Above and beyond the mists of perception lies the foundation of our being. There is no rest for the weary. As we march on and on into the sunset of our dreams eventually all things come to pass. Unfolding as it does we expect nothing else.

We are not what we have been told to be.

Lies have a funny way to showing themselves especially since we are the ones who create such. There is no escaping from our own creation. What one sows so shall ye reap. It’s not a karma thing but an eventuality which cannot be escaped. We are indeed trapped in our own demise.

But that is not the entire tale of things. We are never ‘trapped’ and there is no possibility of an ‘escape’. All that there is, is and we are that.

I have never tried to break one’s perception of any thing and yet here we are definig our selves once again. Through the endless cycles of ‘being’ we try and try to circumvent the inevitable. There is no running.

Facing the impossible, we are.

All that I ask is that the impossibility be considered, if even for a brief moment in time. As in all things, once considered, the rest takes care of it’s self.

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