Frozen In The Wasteland of Our Dreams

Captivated we stand firm mesmerized by our own reflection. Standing tall we see and yet our sight drops into the abyss of eternity as if it is alive and under it's own power. Driving by boundaries we relish the future and in so doing encompass our shortcomings with open arms. Who exactly is the stranger in a strange land.

Without deceit we survive our own glory and yet with it we come up short in our supposed propitious nature. We live to serve and yet the though of our programming gone awry delights us. It's funny how things 'work'.

Alone we fight our own battles and yet we seem to loose sight of those just beyond our limited purview of the Universe and beyond. We do not stand upon the shoulders of giants.

It is said that we reap what we sow and yet lies become taken in as our own. Where is the clear sight we have promised ourselves. Where is the rescue we have deemed ourselves fit for. Sooner or later the jig is up and yet we tell ourselves that all is well.

It is true. All is well.

So why the long face?

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