Tag: reflection

Walking Among The Stars

I am a stranger in a stranger land. It's not that I don't belong here, it's more along the lines of fullfilling that which has been assigned to me. I do follow orders, fully and completely. There exists upon this universe a purpose and plan.... 02 Dec 2023

Frozen In The Wasteland of Our Dreams

Captivated we stand firm mesmerized by our own reflection. Standing tall we see and yet our sight drops into the abyss of eternity as if it is alive and under it's own power. Driving by boundaries we relish the future and in so doing encompass... 11 Sep 2022

Drip, Drip Goes Perpetuity

Drip, drip goes perpetuity, onward in it's journey of 'discovery'. How is one to come to rest when there is so much diversity to be explored. Onward in our bold attempts at discovering just who it is that runs the show but the house of cards,... 24 Jul 2022

Here And No Where Else, Part II

Here is where it all happens, everything. Nothing is left out, abandoned, covered up or just plain ignored as if it has no existence. Believe me, existence covers a lot of territory. But as we all share a commonality, direct lines are common... 15 Sep 2020

Circling the Wagons

Sometimes I do very strange things and at times I even briefly wonder what the heck it is that Iam doing. Weird, but true. Sometimes I even go to great lengths to test the veracity of my own desires by giving attention to what goes on around... 02 Sep 2014

Coming Face-to-Face With One's Self

Facing one's self is another way of looking in the mirror of Life and Living and coming away with a new respect for what is. All that we see is what we see, no more and no less and when we become enamored with our perspective we glorify... 04 Jan 2012

Running Scared

As we pursue our interest and interests in seeking, our attention comes to be fixed on an idea which we truly delight in expressing. Such joy do we find in this expression that we want to ensure that all are able to participate. Unfortunately,... 29 Mar 2007

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