Coming Face-to-Face With One's Self

Facing one's self is another way of looking in the mirror of Life and Living and coming away with a new respect for what is. All that we see is what we see, no more and no less and when we become enamored with our perspective we glorify ourselves and in so doing we purposefully lose sight of what we really are. As we gaze upon the waters at our reflection - we fall in. Becoming full of ourselves we relish the opportunity to let loose upon the world everything that we are. But in this shadow play the real cannot be supplanted and try as we might our enormous efforts of becoming eventually give way and our state of mind returns to it's previous state. Out of the maelstrom of our desire we tread the path of Life and Living and reap every single drop of it's rewards - whether we like it or not.

It's such a strange twist of fate to look at the looking, to see how it is that we see, examining the actions we take in bringing the world, large and small, to life. And in order to do so we must step back from our own mental fixation upon how things are in this universe. Remember, we have already fallen into the pond of Life and Living so getting out takes on new meaning. One cannot simply step out without becoming aware of one's present and presence. When we envelope ourselves with our own reflection nothing else exists. Because we are, all else is.

Think about that.

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