In the Embrace of Man

The days of interlude have come and gone and in this termination we find that the undercurrent of withheld expression is coming to the fore with a force to be reckoned with. It is not a force of consequence nor regret but of a coming to terms with what is. This undercurrent, as with any consequential timeline, precedes the days of interlude where taking a back seat is looked upon as being very prim and proper and a role fit for innocent by-standers but can we really say or see that there is such a thing as innocence? This Universe is like a hand that is fit for a glove. All the parts meet and greet in a unified result declaring in one solid voice "I live!" Though the tree contains many leaves the basis remains firmly rooted in perpetuity - until some man comes along and decides something must be done about all that in which case cause and effect are created to full effect.

Besides the typical biological agents injected in Man the Earth and Heavens have been moved so as to allow elbow room in the enlargement of one's own personal domain. Yes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer but what has that got to do with one's Heart? Shall we rule economics supreme and relegate the ether to future times? Shall we bury the hatchet in our Hearts so that we can cheerfully get on with our shallow lives? Where resistance is futile aggression becomes the overpowering force with which to dominate the mind of Man. Can it really be that simple - or stupid?

What happens when we lose sight of the dream and find that the streets are actually paved with blood? What happens when the force of conviction applied through advertising begins to loosen it's stranglehold because it's all been said and done before and now hardly anyone really pays attention anymore? What happens when the attention of Man begins to waver from the confidence of reaching prosperity which always appears on the horizon constantly refreshed and made new? What happens when we begin to look instead of accept?

The outward urge of Man has always been seriously lacking but that is because of the nature of movement from here to there. As any good storyteller knows the stage must be set before the surprise can bite.

Happy birthday!

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