Friendly Fire

Walking the streets of fire, reality comes to the fore in order to bring about desired consequences. In action all consequences bear fruit. In so doing the future becomes not only predictable but ensured. In compartmentalizing one's born again characteristics one lives, and dies, by their own hand. Creating a better world is something left for another as the meek inherit the earth.

Indeed, the meek have inherited the earth, mostly through attrition. Elitist rulers, bent on subversion, are not only of weak mind but of weak character. How are all those of such fortitude to rule when the masses do not exist but in one's hopes and dreams of conquest? If one becomes the illusion then physical forms matter a great deal and so fear comes to roost in the most humble of abodes. I see dead people.

Through the twists and turns of fate normalcy does not exist and yet our foundational fears remain unfettered, free to fly as far and wide as the master wishes. Is this the upside down world to which we have been banished? What is it that we know which makes the wicked tremble in fear? What is it that we do not do which ennobles dastardly plans to move forward? When we remain the center of the universe, the universe encircles us with glee. Another victim for the funeral pyre.

Commerce is so dearly loved by one and all and yet words of wisdom remain in disdain. We so love the world that we will give up anything.

Embracing conceptual justifications we seek out new life, new hopes and dreams and thereupon kill it and drag it's lifeless body home for ritual sacrifice. Gorging ourselves, we become temporarily satiated and look forward to additional physical pleasures, perhaps even more of the same. Bound and gagged, we set the alarm clock so as not to miss our next appointment. Destiny awaits us and we must make ready.

In preparation we ensure defeat. Running every scenario through our head we find comfort and yet continuously we are bombarded with unexpected events completely outside our sphere of so-called control. We imagine quite well just how in control we are. From the billionaire with his consorts to the commercial slave indebted to the state, they all share the same fate. All that differs is their degree of selfishness.

Sometimes, in order to 'get ahead' one must fall behind. Much in the same way that the wounded are stranded upon the fields of destruction, it sometimes behooves one to set out to pasture that which relishes survival. Euthanasia of one's world view requires killing the messenger. How do we remove the victim from the hero?

With friendly fire.

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