Escaping With Our Toys Intact

We all have our own unique devices that we use to interact with life and living and as always, somewhere along the way they fail us quite miserably. Time after time we pick ourselves up and try again using some perverted approach which is sure to fail us. Getting smarter along the way is not for the intelligent for in the world of intelligence our spirit fails us. Separating and creating the distinction between spirit and embodiment we set up housekeeping ever meandering between one and the other. Falling with grace is something which is neither desired nor looked well upon. We are, after all, running away from it all are we not?

Finding peace, we promptly destroy it. In our unquenchable lust for more we become fruitful and multiply thereby ensuring and prolonging our pain and suffering. Killing ourselves slowly, we resist the temptation to be what we are. Spirituality is for the weak of mind and in their loss, we find comfort. Nothing is to be given up in our total conquest of all that we survey. We are, after all, rulers of our universes are we not? As kings we deserve our right-full heritage.

It's a shame that man is created and never loses sight of that fact. In our creation we create ourselves over and over again. Is it any wonder that we follow the road of life and death so fervently?

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