It matters little which class of elitist shill occupies governmental offices of 'power' from which the populace are used and abused to no end. For those on the low end of the totem pole the only choice available is to go along to get along or else suffer the consequences. For those without a cause, living one's daily life is about all there is - that, and the effort of trying to stay out of the way. It's no secret that the 'common' man is the one who shoulders each and every consequence of those who rule from behind closed doors. Is it any wonder then that since no recourse exists nothing is accomplished.

Whether one's personal property is ruled by European minds or Oriental concepts matter little as the end result is the same. Freedom does not exist but in theory and in actual fact is vehemently disparaged at every turn, all in a politically accepted way of course. Politically accepted, meaning propagandized into forced acceptability by the herd. We do indeed have no choice.

As Russia is out of the apparent picture, China is, of course, brought to the fore. In people power, through sheer number, China can easily overrun the rednecks in penguin suits. Transportation appears to be the weak link but like all apparencies, you get what you look for.

For the herd, the only difference in ownership is the new face which flatters us by becoming televised for our own good. The master does so very much enjoy proclaiming dominance. The games of man, through all the twists and turns of torment, wind up exactly where they began. Progress is not considered in relation to simply moving to a new padded cell.

The air is filled with destiny and in it's march forward it encapsulates and contains all in it's path. All the terrorism in the world, real or imagined comes to naught in this regard. Fear does so much more than simply tormenting simple minds, it makes the upper rungs tremble with uncertainty and indecision, for any and all actions become suspect. Within this maze the walls come tumbling down.

When we strive to live in peace, tumultuous times are assured. When we yearn to subvert and dominate our neighbors peace becomes our enemy. In our common hallucination desire rules and so our master becomes internalized. We become our own worst enemy.

The planet is shaking from top to bottom. An arousing giant is slow to action and slow to inaction. The only peace that will ever be found is in the freedom of one's own self. Not in the display of human characteristics but in the spiritual and moral confines of one's own heart. The head has ruled long enough, perhaps it is now best to separate it from the rest of the body.

And so, as the herd roams the great plains, it makes little difference who comes to collect their just due. It makes little difference the color of skin or craftiness of intent. It makes no difference until, in some unknown common signal, the herd turns most unexpectedly and comes directly head-on.

We are all forged from the same fire and no matter the show of force which is employed to give credence to one's position of so-called power, it means nothing at all outside the mind of man. In reality our barbarous roots have come to haunt us. So let us be haunted and to be done with it. And so it has been.

Be careful what you wish for.

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