Between Lives; There Is No Such Thing

As we are ever between lives it cannot exist separate and apart from ourselves. Imagining a world where the collection of souls is nothing but a job promotion is one which obviously creates nothing but a pain-full route to rebirth - again. If spiritual existence is contemplated as a reality then how is it that we overlay that reality with fanciful notions created from the depths of our experiential track. We do indeed create the life we live and the death we follow. From cause to effect we become caught in the wheel of life. How is it that we profess a spiritual inclination amidst such deviousness.

Left to our own devices, we wallow. Pulling one's self out of the mud by and through our own boot straps takes no great courage. Where the courage lies is in coming face to face with our existence. If it is true that we can do anything forever then perhaps the answer lies in our doing, in our thinking process which precedes it. Before movement can occur it must have already happened.

The only way out is to allow that movement to occur, not to fight it.

Perhaps it is time to give up the ghost in order to determine what we are really made of. Perhaps it is time to kill the idea we have of ourselves in order to reveal the truth behind the lie. Perhaps pulling ourselves up by the boot straps will be a natural consequence of facing that which we must face.

When we effort to create an effect that effect consumes an enormous amount of energy. Although this universe is built upon energy, we are not. This alone should reveal the answer if one is so inclined.

Instead of forcing the issue why not remove that which prevents one from realizing one's true nature. This alone is the purpose of auditing; to remove that which we mistakenly hold on to as being reality. Reality does not occur in one's head, that is called imagination. While it is true that we are masters of our illusionary universe it would be a false idea to mistake one's created reality for the real thing.

If we are not serious in our spiritual quest we might as well roll over in our grave to live again and again. Can this be happiness?

Truth and happiness are one and the same but this happiness goes well beyond the experiential one relegated to mind. Out of the mind of man comes all and so it must return and yet our nature has nothing to do with it. It's a tough call to separate fact from fantasy when one is immersed in illusion. Unfortunately even this is well misunderstood.

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