Consuming Consumption

Man, by it's inherent nature, embodies the urge to consume the universe, to consume every last particle and thereby to embody something much 'greater' than itself. Man's playground is the physical universe and in this sandbox life, living and learning along with death and taxes go hand in hand. In it's consumption of that which lies exterior to it's physical shell, man will go to the stars never to return. This is indeed a one way journey but perhaps that journey is not quite fully understood in it's conception, complexity nor purpose. In this turbulence there just is no time to 'figure it all out' and so man continues to be relentless as time passes it by without a fleeting glimpse, nor care.

The body of man demonstrates itself in so many ways and means. Among the populated planets congregations abound in their whims and fancy, portraying ideological axioms as fact and fiction. Man is fully impressed with man and so acts accordingly.

But this is not the whole of it for there is much beyond the ordinary life of man. In it's grasp of conquest man must turn a blind eye to all else and so misses much. In it's emptiness it finds what it deems to be fullfillment. Man is indeed of strange and unusual character. But that is not a tale for the moment.

In it's breakneck speed, man pushes with great effort the bounds of what it understands to be existence - the physical realm. Even in theocratic rule physical glee is very much in evidence. In this self created boundary where all action takes place of what use is that which is external? Through physical means comes physicality and here is where man remains. Is it any wonder then that even in the idea of overcoming self-made constraints, man uses physicality as a foundation upon which to spring. It is, of course, a grievous error but perhaps purposefully so.

In it's present state of development it will be quite some time before much happens. Wars, civilizations, technology; these will all go through the typical reach and withdraw process and yet full embracement will be shunned. In playing games of chess, incumbents must always endure a learning process. As a piece, man moves about almost haphazardly but appearance, as always, is deceiving in that one refuses to look at the reality. And so the reality is that although peace is our nature the darkness must must fall in order for man to acknowledge, and come to terms with, it's current state of affairs.

One can only ask one's self why it is that pain must be endured in order to arrive at a place where there is no pain. All pain is self inflicted as is joy, and after a time the roller coaster levels out.

For me it's a ride steeped in boredom, so please wake me when it's over - or when you have had enough.

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