Falling Asleep

Man is obviously so very much trapped by his own design. His thinking reflects his state of mind and in this circular route of implosion eternity takes root but not before much trial and tribulation. Fighting tooth and nail the mind-full seek no way out but through their tried and true methodologies which of course land one right back to the starting point. Progress does not exist and yet the illusionary reality of our own making tells us otherwise. We yearn and learn because we must, at all costs, go some where and do some thing. Inner upheaval drives man to the brink never to return. But there is purpose to this and at the end of the road we come to find that our own limitations is what has spelled our doom in the first place. It is a war we cannot win but try telling someone of this. And so the world comes to be played out before our eyes in all of it's imagined gory and glory. Let's face it, we relish living the life we live otherwise it would be very different. To pretend otherwise merely illustrates the fact of victimization, the idea of being effect and far, far from cause. We cause the world to be as it is and refuse to attend to it's compulsory effects. And so, as we run away, we find new places, new times in which to mask our misdeeds and further, to perpetuate them anew.

Breaking the binds we have so lovingly forged for ourselves is not something we contemplate easily nor convincingly. Looking in the mirror we tend to see what it is that we wish to see and nothing more, or less. Imagine to our surprise when we come to learn that we create the world in our own image.

The capacity of a spiritual being is limitless.

The problem, or so it seems for the ruling elite, is how to contain and restrain the unbridled joy and happiness of spiritual being in order to envision a land of opportunity where human resources are a tool to be used and abused to no end. In this great game of capture the flag, to which team have we extended our good faith and intent? To which team have we relinquished our rights as a spiritual being in order for it to achieve a victory?

What is it that we do which defines our allegiance, or do we have any allegiance at all? Perhaps we are completely lost in that we have no use for anything other than that which is of direct benefit to our great and glorious selves. Perhaps the game has transmogrified into something completely foreign to what we are accustomed. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are playing the wrong game. In this game of strength and intent to which joy has fallen perhaps the solidarity of our urgings is the weapon of choice in our own defeat.

Before one can climb the ladder of victory one must succumb to defeat. Unless and until we fully recognize that we are indeed, right now, completely immersed in defeat we will never have the courage, strength and fortitude to reach out, grasp the rungs of salvation and achieve complete and total victory. This is not an imagined game where the natural ebb and flow of the universe is ignored in our selfish conquest of time and space. Time and space has already conquered man so perhaps we should face it and move on. Understanding one's plight, one's role and position in the universe goes a long way in achieving the permanence so needed to break out of our mid-summer's night dream.

We fell asleep by our own hand and so we must rouse the sleep from our eyes in the same manner. No one can do it for you and no one can tell you how. All that we can do is to create a means and a way of you finding that out for yourself.

From there the universe awaits your arrival. But that is only the start.

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