Poker At The OK Corral

Creeping in the back alleys along the line of shadow and light gremlins dart to and fro gleefully playing in impish delight.

Welcome to the backwater called planet Earth.

The stage has been set and all the good little boys and girls have gone to sleep. All that is left are the players and in so playing consequence becomes all the more apparent. Who is there left to blame? Who is there left to martyr as the symbol of hope and destiny? Wiping the face of the Earth with a kleenex it appears the nose has come clean.

Just because the so-called players have been left to their devices does not mean that territory has been given. In the mind of Man all sorts of tricks and traps are extant and all it takes is a little patience while the hand is played out. In cards there is no winning because another game always lies just beyond the bend ahead. The smart player knows whose house he is playing in and why and also understands that winning and losing are nothing compared to what is really going on. It's not the content but the context, stupid.

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

A Comment

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to wander off into the jungles of despair trying to resolve one thing or another but getting lost in the woods is not something I would recommend.

But don't worry, I brought a flashlight.

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