A Sight For Sore Eyes

In changing we promote decay as the old must pass the test of time to never return... or does it? Events seemingly beyond our control force us to follow the spiral to it's bitter end. Down, down into the depths of our own torment do we plough the road ahead and when we notice a bug or two on the windshield we pay it no mind. Events have a way of happening in order to gain our notice.

Can there be a divine hand at play or is it all just another typical Hollywood bore of the usual smoke and mirrors. If every leaf that falls is embraced who in the hell could have time for anything else? Dull-witted and slow of intellect the mind does indeed play tricks upon the depth of our field called sight. Out here in the boonies we don't get much action so passing the time of day is not just a luxury but a fact of life. In so stretching the awareness we take it all in deeply moved by it's totality. When the leaf falls the universe accommodates itself accordingly and in that moment of unbridled joy there is no wonder of being as it has quietly taken a back seat knowing it's rightful place among the Giants of Men.

Since all the world is a stage our roles can be no other than what they are and in finding the door to happiness we come to realize that it is our own stupidity which has kept the door shut for so long. In barring the gates to hell we sequester ourselves from heaven and in the tempestuous twilight of living in-between we never consider crossing the line, ever remaining steadfast in our convictions. Perhaps the chicken did survive when it crossed the road, freeing itself from it's own condition.

In living we come to die and yet in death we tend to seek life in the same way we seek the latest social gathering where we can freely gossip into the wee hours of the morning after. But don't worry, there is a pill for that. In covering repercussions up with false enterprise we embrace the roll of dice yet again and hope, with our fingers crossed, that this time we will walk away with something grand. Who said happiness can't be acquired?

As we settle for the next best thing we find comfort in the continuation of our journey out into the wild lands called experience knowing full well that something out of nothing beats the hell out of making joy into something which is just another gimmick for the blind leading the blind. When a tree falls in the forest do you not hear it's presence?

There is no going back to times of old as even then it was all old hat. What is a bored spiritual being to do but to create fun and excitement for it's own pleasure? Any experience is better than no experience, isn't that right? In ever seeking a deeper or more full experience we fall into the pit of self deception where we find that what we are looking for is nothing but the experience of ourselves - and in this self-satisfied hunt for ourselves can the rewards ever be fitting? Can one really experience one's self? What sort of mechanism must exist whereby one's creation returns as a foreigner to be fully experienced.

Time can be considered to be a form of amnesia whereby the rush of experience is drained of it's energy and our attention then moves on.

It's not a giant leap in understanding that attention is energy and it's context, time. But the fact of the matter is that when we use tools of the trade to determine our nature the so-called failure we endure can always be pin-pointed to the wisdom we carry. The mind may be a terrible thing to waste but don't expect it to live up to expectations as in taking a slow boat to China. In time-slicing the mind requires constant vigilance and yet even that method is horribly slow.

As the universe whizzes by all that we can do is to live and die and to try to forget all that has come to pass so that perhaps our future can be just a tad more pleasant in which we can continue to play one of our favorite games called "Look at me, who am I"?. And the answer is one who cannot hear the leaf that falls nor the joy called the universe which created that moment just for you.

The leaf that falls is but one small example of the enormity of life which surrounds us. What higher calling can there be than to dedicate one's existence to understanding and acknowledging the vast greatness of joy with which all is infused - even you.

I see you - and you are a sight for sore eyes. By your existence I am comforted in knowing that as the leafs falls and the wind blows the joy and beauty of it all can be shared. Now that is something really amazing!

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