In The Service of Cause

The human characteristic tends to be self-serving but this should come as no surprise because all characteristics are self-serving, that is the point of having them in the first place - to create an image of self so as to join the party of life and living. In looking through our rose-colored glasses we see the world as something which we believe to be. This certainly does not make it so as belief requires a very healthy dose of imagination injected into the thinking process. Fanciful delight requires that we leave reality very far behind. How else is one to reach the Heavens?

These are the days of appearances and deceptions, not all is as it appears but that is the point is it not, to create a false sense in order to feed the hungry demon called self survival. The so-called 'self' is what rules the roost and woe to he who feels otherwise. It's really amazing how the moving of heaven and hell are accomplished all in the name of being right. We must guard and protect that precious little child within which is so lovingly and endearingly cherished. Are we not the gods of old?

Treading the well-worn path of discovery we come to relish the opportunity to show ourselves. Basking in the lime-light we dance with glee and loudly proclaim "Do you like my tutu?" Our finest dress requires the finest compliment and so the ballet unfolds. Do we not realize the plenitude of other entertainment, of other venues where something different happens? In differences we see similarities and yet in similarities we create vast differences. It must be the fault of religion. Oh wait, it must be the fault of governmental systems. No, no it surely must be entirely the fault of the economic system where living on someone else's dime is all the rage.

There are always reasons to conjure but like any good magician we continue to pretend that the illusion is real. So real in fact that we come to live and breath it endowing our own make-up with it's full benefit. As we stand back and admire the view our Frankenstein becomes animated, shouting with glee, "I am alive!"

Little do we realize that we have already died and gone to our own sense of heaven or hell. In so taking this bold step we grandly flourish our rightness for all to see. Can it be any more plain to see?

As we ride off into the sunset stoutly upon our white horse we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that all is well and in remembering the days gone by we relish the thoughts of our fore-fathers which tell us to flourish and prosper. Yes, all is well in the Land of Make Believe.

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