Come In To The Parlor...

"Come in to the Parlor." said the Spider to the Fly.

Man or woman the Spider reveals some interesting facts about human nature. ('Human' as in the characteristics Man takes upon himself for fame and glory.) Competition knows no bounds when prey are involved and as the saying goes, "All's fair in love and war." If only were it so but let's not stop a few justifications from getting in the way of righteousness shall we - it's all part of the fame and glory thing. Compelling ourselves to perform we act out the age-old rituals of the time-honored right of passage. Can we not 'get ahead' any other way than on the backs of the host of our dreams. In draining life energy our feeding can only confirm our crazy and wonderful ideas about lack and limitation.

"To have is to take away." In the fantasy of our dreams we can be anything and do anything with nary a consequence. Who would deign to acquire responsibility anyway? And so the battle for our freedoms is undertaken with full fervent vigor lest someone get the wrong idea about us. The parasite always puts it's own so-called survival ahead of all else. When we are right everyone else is just plain wrong and as we gather energy to replace that which we have reserved for self admiration we enforce the same lack and limitation upon the rest of God's flock. If it were not so why would He have made us so perfect?

It really is amazing to see the twists and turns, the cunning and guile employed all in the name of making and keeping us in the spotlight of our dreams. We are the shining star even if it means treading all others underfoot. Never mind the constant reminder of the problems we somehow are consistently surrounded with, never mind the slight and careful hint that something is wrong. Isn't it interesting that it takes an elevated level of discomfort to get our attention? Isn't it interesting that our awareness befits the 800 pound gorilla sitting on the couch munching away on ill-conceived cattle feed while watching the latest televised human drama instead of meeting head-on the wonders of life and living in the full glory of the moment? Oh how far the Spider has come to meet it's prey.

Spider woman!How does one spot the seemingly ever-present yet elusive Spider? Can an individual know when they are being fed upon? Can an individual know when they are being sucked dry of the so-called limited energy with which we are all endowed? Sometimes, in order to win, one simply does not play. In order to provide the life-blood for parasites one must first learn to acquire the idea that energy is limited, that in limitation there are levels of power which reflects the tenacity of those parasites which are doing such a bang-up job that praise is not only expected but extracted along with one's own life-blood. "Thank you - please take more."

In these games of limitation and lack it can appear as if one has no choice but to participate but that is simply not so.

There is not a human alive, or dead, which does not have that strange and wonderful gift called 'free will'. You cannot give which you do not have. Please take full note of that. In order to give anything one must first have it. If it is understood that a spiritual being is an unlimited potentiality then how is it that it wakes up one day and finds that it has somehow arrived at where it finds itself? In taking on the mantle of mortality can lack and limitation be far behind? In giving up one's 'have' does it mean that one exchanges it for lack and thereby falls into the pit of despair, desperately clawing one's way out?

The emptiness one feels can never be filled and though one may try all sorts of tricks and traps in the end it still comes down to lack and limitation. In the glory of this shining moment how could one ever possibly turn their back upon it by creating an enveloping darkness of destitution? Can one's self image be so important, can one's ideas, thoughts and concepts be such of an elevated importance that all else pales in comparison? Perhaps that defines the emptiness within.

Calling the plentitudes into the Parlor for lunch will never even begin to dispel the mists of our own ignorance in making something out of nothing.

And those who offer up themselves as willing delicacies in the Parlor will come up just as empty-handed.

It's not about supper but about trying to distract the 800 pound gorilla's attention away from the mirror of self-admiration long enough to perhaps provide a moments pause in which the awareness of this moment can be once again experienced. Yes, experienced. It's not about making the future come true, or making the past account for it's self, it's about fully experiencing this exact moment.

Take it all in - it's yours and yours alone.

This moment was made especially for you.

To not appreciate that fact of reality creates the Land of Life and Living without which the 800 pound gorilla simply cannot survive.

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